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Ladies Learning Code Red Deer

October 1, 2016
Ladies Learning Code

I attended Ladies Learning Code in Red Deer as a mentor on September 24th. It was my first event as a mentor and I absolutely loved it, can’t wait to do another. I was very surprised with the average age of ladies that have attended this event. With a small group of 10 we powered trough a six hour basic HTML, CSS session. Session was coached by a friend of mine Edward McIntyre aka @twittem.

We started the session with explanation of what website is and how things operate, what does HTML do and what does CSS do. Once ladies had an understanding of what we will do we let them choose a project type and we got the ball rolling. Ladies were stressing out ready to throw their computers in the garbage it was quite entertaining. I managed to calm them down and focused, just like any new thing it is hard and challenging. But with some focus and attention anything is possible.

As this was my first mentoring event, I quickly picked up on outline of the class and started to prepare my group in advance. I would explain to them quickly in advance what is coming up next and how it will work. This gave the ladies a better understanding of what they are looking at as it was happening.

For example when we were getting close to using CSS classes I would explain to them what they are and how they operate. One we would get to that point they were able to better follow what was on the big screen instead of trying to understand it and do it at the same time.

My favourite lady was Phillys, she was very excited to learn how to build a basic website from scratch. She was very organized she had a notebook she took notes and outlines her project when it was time for it. I feel her final product was the best but this was not a competition so no prize for Phillys (just kidding).

So what could have you learned if you attended this event? For one you would have learned a very basic of how website is built; what is required and how it all works together. By no means are you an expert after leaving the event, but you should have good understanding of what it takes to be a web site developer. You should also have an understanding of how to build on your knowledge and take your skills further on your own.

I would like to take some time and invite people from Red Deer and surrounding area to join us for the next event. Bring your children, friends, family members more the better we have room. I have started to learn about web development on my own many years ago at Red Deer College Library. This was back in 1998-1999, at that time I was unable to buy my own computer so I had to walk down to college library and use their equipment. I built the love for coding and development and I have never looked back. Besides learning this new skill, I also learned things such as critical thinking which helped me long after I left the library.

I would like to close this out by inviting you all to join us for the next event that you can find on bring your children they will love. If for some reason they disagree, I will buy them all an ice cream on the way out (promise).

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