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Do-it-yourself websites suck!

October 12, 2016

Why do “Do-it-yourself websites suck”? You can compare it to a metaphor such as men’s suit from a clothing store will never fit the same as custom tailored suit. People that can afford custom suits will tell you that (I am fortunate enough to have a mother who is also a career tailor, she killed it every time).

Now let me explain why do-it-yourself websites are not of great value. You will have a hard time selling your product to a new generation of consumers, specially with a poorly developed website. The new generation of consumers are very familiar with technology and even a simple misplaced image on your page may result in lose of a customer. Just like we purchase and evaluate vehicles, we look at it first before we take it for a test drive. If the vehicle is rusty and things look like they are out of place we will not take it for a test drive or purchase for that matter.

Looking into technical aspect of things, websites like Wix will allow you to upload anything you want for content of your page. Lets take a look at basic things such as graphics. You will upload your logo to this do-it-yourself system which will accept it if the file extension is allowed. Now if your logo for example is 5MB and 1000x500px that is very bad for your site. However do-it-yourself websites will allow you to use this file you will shrink it into a space that you want it to fit and save the page. Looking at the big picture this is beginning of an end. For one, your file is still 5MB in size which will take forever to load (that is if it loads at all on slower connection). Google, as a search engine evaluates your website on many different things one of them being page load speed.

Breaking it down even further, pages are too generic and most of the time you will need to compromise greatly on what you would like to accomplish. Page will never look fully polished or custom because you will never have that much access to complete all the tasks required. Some things you won’t be able to edit and modify at all.

Building your custom website takes lot of time and effort to produce results for your business, unless you are just trying to checkmark that business has a website don’t do it your self.

There is strategy and planning that goes into every website built, things like who is your targeted audience and who are you trying to attract. How will you bring them to the website and once they are there how will you retain their attention long enough to convert them into paying customers. Where will your call to action be and if that is the optimal place for it.

How will you optimize your SEO, do you have solid understanding of the process and what are your expectations? Do-it-yourself websites are 1 / 10 of the cost but they are also 1 / 10 of the value for your business.

To sum it up hire yourself a developer, even for a simple website such as pamphlet of services you offer. Spend $2500 and have a developer build you a small 3-5 page website that will show your content, optimize it correctly place call to actions so that you can generate leads. It will be the best investment you have made for your business in the long run.

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