Red Deer Rentals


I started this project back in college for my final graduation project. We were asked to develop a real world product that showcases what we have learned in school. Even though this project took way longer than 3 months, that’s the time I had to complete this project, it was a start. I came up to this idea from a simple domain name I owned, Red Deer Rentals. I wanted to build something local for people in my community. I was facing problems like security and no real time to test things out, so I was always on top of things when errors came up. My vision for this project was to develop a simple to use platform for people who may not have as much technical knowledge.


I have built a very simple straight forward design, clean and simple with responsive in mind.  Dashboard and user experience is very friendly, from browsing the listings to creating an account and listing your property. From creating and account to making a listing, it takes 6 steps in total which you are able to complete within 3-5 minutes depending how fast you type. I have incorporated API’s such as Facebook and Google. Custom built features such as Like the property, Add to Favorites, Report a listing.